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Shoulder Pain

These points can be used for shoulder pain from any origin. You do need to find the underlying cause - impingement syndrome, other forms of injury, lifestyle causes such as postural habits or repetitive motions, etc.

As with any other acupuncture treatment, figure out what the affected channel is before you start treating. Add other points intelligently to treat the dysfunction.

Option 1

  • Gallbladder channel pain: San Zhong Bladder channel pain: Qi Hu

  • Shen Guan Fantastic point to treat shoulder pain. Like one of the best.

  • Bloodlet at Lung 5

Option 2 - three needle treatment

  • Ling Gu and Da Bai on side opposite to the pain

  • Spleen 9 You're using this as a guide point to direct the energy up to the shoulder. Spleen 9 is mirroring the shoulder. You could also use other mirrored shoulder points if they are more reactive to palpation.

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