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Diagnostic skills

Book 1: The Four Diagnostic Skills

Diagnosing patients correctly is the first step to your own personal awesomeness in the clinic.


This book, the first of two, will help you build your diagnostic skills as a Chinese medical practitioner. 

This book covers the four traditional diagnostic skills: 

  • Observation and inspection

  • Listening and smelling

  • Asking Questions

  • Palpation


You'll learn critical information you need for tongue diagnosis, pulse taking, conducting patient interviews, and organizing what you find.  

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If you are a Kindle Unlimited member, this book is free! 

Diagnostic skills

Book 2: Symptom analysis and

Syndrome differentiation

A continuation of the previous book and the second in the 2-part series, Book 2 covers gathering information to make a good diagnosis and syndrome differentiation which allows you to craft good treatment plans for your patients.​

This book covers the most heavily used diagnostic models to help you find the best diagnosis and syndrome differentiation for your patients, study for your boards, and become a licensed acupuncturist. Learn the key symptoms you need to know to quickly find your diagnosis and differentiation. 

  • The Eight Principles

    • Yang and Yin​

    • Exterior and Interior

    • Excess and Deficiency

    • Heat and Cold

  • Zangfu Diagnosis

    • All of the Zangfu organ pairs, their key signs and symptoms​

    • Combination syndromes

  • The Six Stages​

    • Diagnosis of cold pathogens ​

  • The Four Levels​

    • Diagnosis of heat-related pathogenic influences​

  • San Jiao Theory​

    • A further diagnosis model for heat-related pathogens​

Filled with study guides and charts to help you succeed.

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