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Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Hypothyroid, or poor thyroid function, is suspected by signs and symptoms and confirmed by a blood test, specifically testing for TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). Result ranges from 0.3 to 3.04 are considered normal, with a result around 2.0 viewed as 'textbook perfect.' Anything higher than 3.04 is considered an indicator of hypothyroidism. If you want a more thorough understanding of how these tests work, check this out.

Hypothyroidism is a rather modern disease and is likely to be life-style driven, though it can be a sign that something is off in the pituitary gland like a pituitary tumor (I'll put a point in the mix for that below). The most common cause, however, is lifestyle - specifically a poor diet, stress, and a lack of exercise. Processed foods and an unrelentingly stressful lifestyle are the final blow that can push a patient into a hypothyroid state.

Left Side:

  • Xia San Huang

  • St 36, St 37

  • San Zhong Great points to stimulate hormone production.

  • Ki 3, Ki 6 These stimulate the Mingmen to boost the metabolism.

Right Side:

  • Huo Ying, Huo Zhu, and Lv 6* *Master Tung's Lv 6 is needled next to the tibia on the Spleen channel rather than on the bone itself. Use your fingernail to palpate and slide the needle right next to the bone.

  • Gb 34, Gb 39

If you find that your patient has been diagnosed with a pituitary tumor, add Shang Liu, the Upper Tumor point.

Suggested Herbal Medicine Therapy

The classic formulas Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan can be combined with Fu Zi Li Zhong Wan and customized for your patient.

If you are looking for a good patent, I really like Thyro-forte from Evergreen to help improve thyroid function and metabolism. Watch for stagnation in these patients, which can lead to depression. My go-to for depression (because most of my patient base seems to love pills) is Shine, also by Evergreen Herbs.

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