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FREE Master Tung Online Reference

basic Principles

New to Master Tung's Acupuncture?  Learn the good stuff here.

  • History

  • Theory of channel relationships, mirroring, imaging

  • Dao ma needling and using guide points

  • How deep to needle

  • Treatment by Five Element tissue type

  • Channel diagnosis

  • Bloodletting

  • How to find a good teacher

If you're looking for points, this is where you'll find them. This isn't an all-inclusive point guide but gives you the most basic ones you'll need the most often. 

If you're looking for all-inclusive, check out the books written by Dr. Wei-Chieh Young and James Maher (on Amazon - there are a number of them).


There are obviously many ways to treat disease and pain. These are suggestions rather than non-negotiable how-to's, but I have found them very effective in my practice. 

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