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Acupuncture Techniques 101

Safety, CNT, and needling Techniques

Learn to wield your acupuncture needles like a pro!


This book shows you how to use acupuncture needles safely and effectively. Learn a variety of insertion techniques, needle manipulation, methods for reduction and tonification, clean needle safety and sterilization guidelines, and how to manage accidents in a clinical setting.


But this is more than just technical needle safety and how-to's. This book also focuses heavily on bringing Qi into your treatments. Includes Qigong exercises for strengthing your fingers and hands to help you needle and instructions on how to strengthen your own Qi.  

This book is available world-wide as both an e-book and in print format.  

Acupuncture Techniques 102

Cupping, Moxibustion, Gua sha, e-stim and More

Expand your basic needle skills with moxa, cupping, acupuncture e-stim, bleeding therapies, gua sha, and cutaneous needle therapy. Filled with how-to guides, information on the most effective materials for the job, and the safety precautions you need to know to have happy repeat clients.

  • Moxibustion 
    Both direct and indirect methods. How to roll and use moxa cones, use of moxa sticks, moxa on ginger, garlic, and fu zi cakes. Techniques for tonification and sedation. 

  • Three-edged needle technique
    Code language for "bleeding therapy," this topic explores bleeding methods, protocols, use of three edged needles vs. lancets, bleeding cupping, and more. 

  • Cutaneous needle therapy
    Plum blossom and seven-star needling, how to use it, when to use it. 

  • Gua sha therapy
    When it's appropriate, when it's not, how to do it, how to "read" the marks that result from it, as well as information on tools and oils. 

  • Cupping therapy
    All the how-to's you need to know for fire cupping with glass, horn, bamboo, and pneumatic cups. 
    Includes five different cupping methods you can use in the clinic today. 

  • Electroacupuncture
    Call it e-stim if you prefer. This is the guide for you if you aren't technical. Covers e-stim basics like intensity, frequency, and waveform, methods of use, treatment protocols, point guides, and more. 


This book is available world-wide as both an e-book and in print format.  


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