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Foundations of 
Chinese Medicine 

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Chinese medicine 101

You can't understand Chinese medicine without cultivating good roots! 


This book, available in both digital and print format from Amazon, is the first of a 2-part series on the Foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

This book covers: 

  • History of Chinese Medicine

  • Yin and Yang Theory

  • Five Element Theory

  • Zangfu Theory 

  • Breakdown of all of the Zangfu organ pairs. 

Chinese medicine 102

A continuation of the previous book and the second in the 2-part series, this resource is also available in both digital and print format from Amazon. Chinese Medicine 102: Complete your Foundations, covers the following topics: 


  • Vital Substances

    • Essence, Qi, Blood, and Body Fluids

  • Interrelationships between the Yin organs

  • Channel and Collateral Theory

  • Etiology

  • Pathogenic Influences

    • Emotional disorders

    • The Six Evils - exogenous pathogens

    • Endogenous pathogens 

  • Mechanisms of disease

  • Basics of diagnosis

  • TCM treatment principles

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