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Scapular Pain

As with any of the Master Tung style treatments, find the affected channel and select your points accordingly. Also find out why this is happening: does it stem from injury, poor postural habits, repetitive motions in work or sports? Treat accordingly.

Start with cupping

  • Cup the affected areas on the scapula to open up the Qi and Blood flow and alleviate pain and tightness. You can use sliding cupping or static cupping for this. Leave the cups on long enough to allow bruising.

Three needles

  • Ling Gu & Da Bai on the side opposite to the pain

  • Guide point to the shoulder. Liver 6 is one option. Needle it right next to the margin of the tibia along the Spleen channel. Use your fingernail to palpate for the edge of the bone. The Liver and Small Intestine channel are mirror opposites, so they can treat each other. Pain in the scapula and upper back are usually small intestine related pain, so Liver 6 works well for that. This same point works for pain aywhere from the cervical spine to pain at the T10 region. Could you use a different guide point? Absolutely. But try this one out if the pain is on the Small Intestine channel. Liver 6 also mirrors the scapula when you think about the lower leg from a microsystem point of view.

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