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San Cha

The San Cha points are Sanchayi (A02 or 22.15), Sanchaer (A03 or 22.16), and Sanchasan (A04 or 22.17). They are sometimes collectively referred to as Sanchasan A01-A03. I was confused by the naming when I first encountered these points (and frankly, I think the people who taught them were too), so it helps to know that yi is Chinese for one, er is Chinese for two, san is Chinese for three. . . hence the naming.

These aren't hard to locate. Sanchasan 22.17 is located much like San Jiao 3, about 1/2 cun proximal to the web margin between the 5th and 4th MCP joints. To find any of these points:

  • Have your patient make a light fist as shown below.

  • Palpate to find the hollow spot about 1/2 cun proximal to the web margins.

  • Slide the needle in just below the skin and imagine threading it in like you are trying to reach Heart 8, but you don't have to go that deep. I use 1 to 1.5 cun needles and thread them in about 3/4 of the way.

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