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Occipital Headaches

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Any headache in the occipital area, including headaches from injury such as whiplash and neck injury, misalignment of the neck bones, too much time on a tablet or phone, etc, can be treated with these points. I do recommend you find out the cause and offer lifestyle related causes whenever possible. Points you can select that would help:

Headaches from spinal alignment problems

  • Correct Tendons - 77.01 and 77.02 This can actually help correct spinal alignment. This requires you to needle through the Achilles tendon, so you will need a long needle. I recommend a 50mm needle to get through the tendon and very lightly touch the bone underneath. Use a light tap to touch the posterior of the tibia and back off.

  • San Zhong or Three Weights Add this one as well for spinal and neck bone misalignment. This mirrors the neck and upper back and can bring energy here to help with misalignment.

  • Bleed at Bladder 40 area If you see a dark vessel in the Bladder 40 general vicinity, you can bleed it. This is generally used to treat lower back problems, but can also be used in a mirror fashion to treat the head and upper back. The Bladder 40 point is the influential point of the whole back, not just the lumbar area. `

Alternative to using Correct Tendons

  • Double Sons (22.01), Double Saints (22.02) Treats Taiyang HA at back of head. If the pain is bilateral, needle both sides.

  • CV 24 Add this point to Double Sons/Double Saints points. Use no more than a 1/2 cun needle. needle in the crease of the chin, touch the bone, then back off. Stimulate it strongly, but be sure you aren't touching the bone when you do.

Occipital headaches from brain tumors

  • Shang Liu/Upper Tumor You can still use the above points, but add this one for patients who have brain tumors associated with their occiput headaches. This point is on the front of the calcaneal bone. Needle it bilaterally.

Three point combination for pain in the occipital area

  • Needle Ling Gu and Da Bai on the unaffected side.

  • Needle UB 63 on the affected side. This guides the energy to the occipital area. UB 63 is the Xi Cleft of the Bladder channel and is good for pain relief. If the pain is more Gallbladder related, needle Gb 36 (Xi Cleft) or Gb 41 (Shu Stream).

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