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Neck Pain

These protocols use imaging and channel association to treat neck pain using Tung's points. Neck pain can be either bilateral or unilateral. Add category TCM points like the xi cleft for pain, shu stream for pain and Qi problems, jing river for heaviness and pain, ying spring if there are heat with pain or pain that is worse with heat. Like that.

  • Bilateral pain Needle women on the right side, men on the left.

  • Unilateral pain For unilateral pain, needle on the opposite side of the body from the painful side.

Pain in the neck can be on the Gallbladder channel, Bladder meridian, or Du meridian. Look for underlying issues driving the pain. That might include injury, spinal misalignment, poor posture habits, failing pillows that aren't supportive, or an exterior invasion. Sometimes the cause is fashion driven - insufficient clothing to protect the neck from drafts and wind or even failing to dry the hair before leaving the house.

Gallbladder channel neck pain

  • San Zhong This for pain along the side of the neck on the Gallbladder meridian.

  • Add Gb 39 on opposite side.

Bladder channel neck pain

  • Qi Hu Occipital area pain - closer to the cervical spine, but slightly off to the side.

  • Bleed or needle Bl 40.

Du Channel neck pain

  • Fei xin 11.11 Pain on the centerline of the neck is on the Du channel. These two points are on the middle phalangeal segment of the 3rd finger (middle finger) on the G-line (dorsal midline of the finger). Divide this segment into thirds and locate the points on the 1/3 and 2/3 marks.

You might need to also use Correct Tendons if there is a cervical spinal alignment problem driving the painful condition.

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