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Mu 11.17

Mu, also called Wood and Wood Anger, 11.17 is a two-point unit on the D-line (palmar surface) of the 1st phalanges on the 2nd (index) finger. This point is on the Large Intestine channel. Because of the channel associations between the Yangming and Jueyin channel, this two-point unit has a strong effect on the Liver and Liver Qi.

To find and needle the points:

  • Locate the most proximal phalanges on palmar side of the index finger.

  • Find the D line 3/4 of the way between the palmar midline (C) and the E line on the ulnar side of the finger (closest to the middle finger).

  • Divide the D line on this phalangeal segment into 1/3's. The points are located at the intersection of the 1/3 and 2/3 marks and the D line.

  • Needle these points right next to the bone, aiming downward rather than needling perpendicularly toward the bone.

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