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Huan Chao - 11.06

Return to Nest is the most common way to refer to Huan Chao. This point is located on the E-line of the 4th finger on the middle phalanx. Some references use a single needle here and some use two needles here.

  • One needle: You can needle this point with a single needle between the proximal and distal joints of the middle phalanx

  • Two needles: Most practitioners use two needles for this point. This gives you the added strength of the dao ma needle. If you choose to needle it this way, locate the points at the 1/3 and 2/3 marks on the E-line between the proximal and distal phalanx joints.

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peter szendi
peter szendi
Mar 28

I have the following question, my fingers are hurting. No rheumatism or arthritis, my fingers suddenly can no longer exert force due to severe pain. Pain also moves to the wrist, which pressure points should I use so that I can use my hand again. Thank you very much in advance. Peter

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