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Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Hemorrhoids, whether internal, external, or chronic, can be treated by this protocol. This treatment targets the whole area, not a specific type of hemorrhoid. This protocol works best if you can repeat it three times per week until it is gone.

Anyone is subject to hemorrhoids, but pregnant and post-partum women are especially susceptible.

  • Bloodlet at Bladder 40 or at Er Xia. Pinch it up, prick, and get 10 drops of blood or so, especially from Bladder 40. If you do choose to needle the Bladder 40 area please bear in mind that the point might not be exactly at Bladder 40. Palpate and look around for the obviously discolored or distended vessels here. Also, it's often easier to get blood from this area when the patient is standing and leaning over the acupuncture table.

Update 9/26/2019

I have had several questions about Er Xia. Er Xia is basically the opposite of the Ear Apex point. Er Xia is on the center of the lower margin of the ear lobe. This is the lowest point of the ear lobe and mirror images the anorectal area.

I also want to mention that I've had a lot of success treating hemorrhoids by combining a needle at Du 20 (which also mirrors the anorectal area and provides a lifting effect) and then blood letting at either Er Xia or Bladder 40.

I've also needled Du 20 and Bladder 40 (subtly angling Bladder 40 upwards toward the rectum rather than doing a perpendicular insert) with the patient lying face down and then bleeding at Er Xia. I often do this when I don't see a visibly distended/dark vessel in the Bladder 40 area.

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