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Frontal Headaches

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Frontal headaches can be either excess or deficient in nature. Your first job is to find out which one. Here's how I that:

  1. Have the patient rub their hands together to use friction to get their fingers warm. Some people can't do that easily. They can warm the palmar surface of their fingers under your heat lamp or hold a warm cup of tea for a few minutes.

  2. After the palmar surface of the fingers are warmed, have the patient close their eyes and gently press the warm fingers to their eyeballs.

If the pressure from their fingers feels good, this is a deficient type headache. If the pressure from their fingers feels bad or doesn't feel soothing, this is probably an excess type headache.

The treatments for excess headaches differs from treatments for deficient headaches.

Excess-type Frontal Headaches

  • Four Flowers Upper and Four Flowers Middle Needle these bilaterally with 50-60mm needles. Needle between the tibia and fibula, sliding the needle in right next to the tibia. Use your fingernail to palpate and find the bone margin. Retain the needles 30m to 1 hour. If the headache was active when the patient came in for treatment, wait 5 minutes or so after you insert the needles and have them try pressing their fingers to their eyeballs again. It should feel better to them and the headache should have receded. Repeat these points 2-3 times per week and after a few cycles the problem should resolve.

Deficiency-type Frontal Headaches

  • Spleen 4 Use a 30-40mm needle. Needle it like you do Da Bai on the hand, sliding the needle just below the bone at Sp 4, needling across the sole of the foot.

  • Shen Guan Retain the needles for 30m to an hour.

Add other points as needed to address the headaches. You could add guide points to direct energy to the head such as Li 4 and/or Lu 7. You could also add Si Ma San for frontal headaches coming from immune and allergy issues, allergy protocols, Upper Tumor if it's coming from brain tumors, etc.

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