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Coccyx Pain

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

There aren't a ton of treatments for pain in the coccyx region, which is a serious bummer for those of us who have broken our tailbones. Since it affects me, you know I sought out some remedies! Here's what I have found that works.

Susan Johnson's Protocol

Three Needle Protocol

  • Ling Gu & Du Bai

  • Du 26 Du 26 images the area around the anus and tailbone. This is also the opposite end of the Du channel from it's origin which is in the area around the coccyx. Using a point at one end of the channel (Du 26) can have a strong effect at the opposite end of the channel (Du 1/Du 2).

You could also add guide points to the coccyx on the Kidney channel, using Kidney 5 (xi-cleft of the Kidney channel) or even Kidney 10, the he-sea of the channel, which would mirror the base of the trunk when you view the whole leg as a microsystem for the body. You could add Gb 39, as it is the influential point of marrow.

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