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Broken Ribs, Bruising, and Flank Pain

Rib fractures, bruising, and flank pain are common in patients who are involved in martial arts, contact sports, and motor vehicle accidents. I also treat a number of transgender patients who bind their chests who occasionally come in complaining of bruising and flank pain. I love treating these patients with Master Tung points because you aren't anywhere near the site of pain and that means what you are doing and how you are treating is far less legally actionable. Sucks to have to think like that, but the US is a very litigious place.

If you see flank/chondriac pain in patients who seem to have no injuries you can still use these points, but start exploring for other Liver dysfunctions as well.

All of these points target the flank areas of the body. Which side you use is not that important. I mean, you're treating a whole body, not a side, right? It's not like when you needle a point the Qi only goes to that side!

But if your previous teachers are hard core about sides, feel free to the needle opposite to the affected side. Personally? If this were the chief complaint, I'd probably needle Ling Gu and Da Bai on the side opposite to the pain, then needle Changmen and Ganmen on the affected side as a guide, then perhaps needle the Gallbladder points bilaterally.

Points for flank pain and fractured ribs

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