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Ankle Pain and Injury

Ankle pain, whether it's from overuse, bad shoes, sprain, strain, or arthritis, can all be treated with these protocols. As usual, be sure to find out the source of the pain. It could be something simple like shoes that don't support the body or it could be something like trauma. Address this or these conditions as well.

As in all Master Tung treatments, you also need to identify the channel or channels involved and treat intelligently with points that address those channels.

Go-to points for ankle pain

  • Wu Hu 4 and 5 (or Zu Wu Hu 4 and 5) The 4th and 5th point in the Wu Hu and Zu Wu Hu sets are the two that are the most proximal, so they will be closest to the MCP or MTP joint.

  • Xiao Jie (aka, Small Joint 22.13). Some practitioners prefer Tu Shui 22.11 instead. I'm partial to Xiao Jie, personally.

You have a lot of treatment options here. Identify the channels involved in the sprain. Check channel association points around the wrist for tenderness. You can also needle the xi-cleft points along the affected channels. You could combine Ling Gu and Da Bai on the unaffected side with guide points to the ankle on the affected side. Think in terms of point categories and what they do. Gb 34, for example (the influential point for tendons and sinews) could be a good addition to treat tendons if there is a sprain or strain.

Though not a Master Tung treatment necessarily, I've used a seven star hammer or plum blossom needle to induce light bleeding at the affected area of a sprained ankle then cup it to get more bleeding. This works really well to reduce swelling and get fresh blood to the damaged tissue to heal the area.

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