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Robert Chu's WTH Protocols

Dr. Robert Chu has developed a super cool 10 point protocol that balances the elements of Earth (Spleen/Stomach), Water (Kidney), and Wood (Liver/Gallbladder), which because of the Five Element Cycle then balances and harmonizes all elements in the body. 

This protocol consists of the following points. 

Left Side: 

This balances the elements of Water and Earth

  • Xia San Huang
    Xia San Huang is a 3 point set on the Spleen Channel that also has strong positive effects on the Water element.


  • St 36
    Strong effect on the Earth element


  • St 37
    Lower He Sea of the Hand Yangming channel (Large Intestine), so it stimulates the bowels to get rid of toxins in the body. 


right side​:

This balances Liver and Gallbladder (Wood element)

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