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I'm Cat. I spent more than 4 years packing Chinese medicine into my brain and have spent another decade expanding my knowledge about healing beyond school, treating patients, educating them, and helping them change their lives in ways that affect body, mind, and soul. 



Whether you are in your first year of TCM school, about to step out of school and treat patients, or have been treating for a few years, you have a very cool future ahead of you. 


How I Can



You know I've got 'em. I know you want 'em. And I know that for most of you, that's the primary reason you're here. 


I took really good notes in school. I was a typesetter at one point in my life, so I type really fast and formatted them on the fly. I organized the heck out of them using my previous skills as a network database warrior, and published them online (mostly) because I was too lazy to carry them around in a notebook.


I know that most of the visitors to my site are first year students. You know why that is? Because learning Chinese medicine is an animal like no other. Sometimes things are explained in a way that makes sense, sometimes not. 


When the answer is "not," I've got your back. 


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