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Headache from Common Cold and Flu

Headaches are a common complaint in patients that have a cold or the flu. To treat these headaches, use points and modalities that address both the infection and the headache. Choose the methods that work well for you. I personally love the combination below + cupping or gua sha on the upper back and neck to help expel the pathogenic influence and boost the body's immune response.

One side:

Other side:

St 43, the Shu Stream point on the Stomach channel, addresses dampness, heaviness, and pain in the Yangming channel, which is generally the channel affected in colds and flus. You'll note that the Ling Gu and Da Bai channel are Master Tung's LI 3 and LI 4, which are also Yangming points which strongly move Qi and Blood. They also affect the face and head and are often used for headaches.

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