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Heart Shaoyin Pattern

Visualization - Needling Notes - Order of Needles - Graphic

Esoteric Acupuncture is an evolving art. Because it is a dynamic creature there are times when old information gets mixed in with new information. At some point the SJ 15 points were added to the Heart Shaoyin Pattern. Later this addition became known as its' own pattern and was renamed the Heart Shaoyin Window Pattern. So which is correct? Both. The Heart Shaoyin Pattern will open the heart chakra and harmonize the Heart chakra with the Root and Sacral chakras. The Heart Window pattern further opens the heart. The Si 11 points in the pattern are the "wings" of the heart, allowing the Shen to soar. If you look at the Si 11 and the Sj 15 points together you see a window which opens the heart further and releases any tightness and anxiousness in the Heart Chakra. It also allows heavenly qi to flow in to the heart. Not that said, pick between the two based on how much opening you feel is needed in the heart. This pattern is more of a shout and the Heart Shaoyin is more of a quiet conversation. You don't always need to shout!

This pattern has a total of 19 points. Nineteen is the Esoteric number signifying "all there is." If you add 1 + 9 you get 10. One signifies the burst of energy that is a new beginning while zero represents the void, the origin of all possibilities. The heart chakra is the bridge between our material world and our connection to Source, which is where we came from. The heart is the One, the point at which we meet between material and spiritual, the point at which compassion can rule our lives. This is the beginning of everything, but ties us to the zero, the void and the origin of all possibilities. Everything is open to us when we live through compassion.

The number 19 also represents the color Gold (gold like a shiny gold coin, not gold like a crayon color) which is used in the visualizations. The first 7 points in the pattern are the Crown Infinity pattern, which pulls a tremendous amount of Qi in from Source. The first 13 points in the pattern are the Discern the Whisper pattern, which distributes all of that Qi to the remaining six chakras. Six further needles are added to this pattern to create the Heart Shaoyin. You will note that there is also similarity to the Esoteric Shaoyin Kidney Pattern above, varying in KI 1/HT 7. If you want to emphasize the Heart chakra, needle this pattern. If you want to root the client more firmly and treat the root and sacral chakras, do the Kidney Shaoyin pattern.

Heart and Kidney are the juxtaposition of love and fear. Upward pointing triangles represent heart, love and fire while downward pointing triangles represent kidneys, water and fear.

This is a New Encoding pattern which is designed to align and harmonize all aspects of the Shaoyin energies on both the esoteric and the physical levels. This is the classic balance of yin (kidney) and yang (heart), of love and fear, of water and fire. By extension, it also balances Love and Fear, strengthens the Heart and Kidney Chakras and Qi and finally connects the energies of the Heart and Kidney with the energies of the mind, balancing the Shen.

Visualization isn't absolutely necessary for this pattern to work. Some people are capable of seeing the visualizations as you touch the points and ask them to make the connections, but some people aren't. (Both are fine, but visualizing is better if it's possible.) Without the visuals the client will experience relaxation and calming of the Shen, but if your client is looking for spiritual development and overcoming the imbalance between Love and Fear, the visualizations are key. If your client is unable to do the visualization themselves, you the practitioner can do it for them. See the patterns forming as you needle.

You will be both needling and helping your client visualize energy pathways within the body. This takes concentration both for you and the client and in some cases requires some mental multi-tasking. It helps if your client is 1) relaxed and in a meditative state and 2) if they regularly practice some form of visualization, meditation, etc. You might start the session by walking them through some kind of physical relaxation, breathing exercises, a few minutes of Tui'na or other form of massage, etc.

The visualization for each group of points is included in the Order of Needles below.

As the practitioner, it is important that you visualize the portals this creates opening as you needle. It is equally important that you visualize the portals closing as you remove the needles in the reverse order at the end of the pattern.

Needling Notes

Order of Needles
Click here to see a graphic of the needling pattern. The bolded items below are just a quick way for you to focus on the visualizations as you read through while needling the pattern the first few times you do it or when you need a little memory jogger.

  1. Crown 1 - most anterior Sischencong
    As you insert Crowns 1-3 ask your client to visualize a water or yin triangle pointing to the front of their head. When they have this visualization in mind, ask them to tell you. Then you can move on to Crown 4.
  2. Crown 2 - right Sischencong
  3. Crown 3 - left Sischencong
  4. Crown 4 - most posterior Sischencong
    Don't needle this one until your client has that water triangle visualization firm in his or her mind. Remind your client that you are working with fire and water, love and fear energies and the balance of these.
  5. GB 9 - right side first.
    Tian Chong or Celestial Hub. Insert the GB 9's and touch the Crown 4 point needle (which is a symbolic way to complete this particular triangle). Ask the client to visualize a fire triangle representing the energies of the heart pointing upward.
  6. GB 9 - left side
  7. Du 16
    Feng Fu or Wind Mansion. Insert Du 16 and touch the GB 9's again. Ask the client to visualize a water triangle and to remember we are working with the energies of the kidney as well.
  8. SI 11 - right side first.
    Tian Zong or Celestial Gathering. Insert the SI 11 points. Visualization is again of a fire triangle representing the energies of heart.
  9. SI 11 - left side
  10. Du 11
    Shendao or Spirit Path (at T5). This is a major access point for the Heart Chakra. Insert Du 11. Du 11 plus the SI 11's are visualized as a downward pointing triangle. Once the triangle imagery is in place for the client ask them to bring golden light into Du 11.
  11. Du 4
    Mingmen or Life Gate (at L2). Insert Du 4 and have the client visualize bringing the energy straight down from Du 11 to Du 4, bathing the physical Kidneys in golden light, and simultaneously energizing the sacrum and coccyx area. Once there is sufficient Qi built up at Du 4 ask the client to move the energy back up to Du 11 and to fill this space as well. When the energy has built sufficiently here, proceed to the next point.
  12. Du 14
    Dazhui or Big Hammer. Insert Du 14 and ask the client to visualize bringing the energy up from Du 11 to Du 14. When the Qi has built sufficiently here ask them to visualize a connection from Du 14 to Yintang and then to Du 16. Give them time to make each visual connection strong before moving between them. This is a bit of an advanced visualization. Encourage them to do the best they can and to be gentle with themselves rather than judgmental if this is difficult for them.
  13. Du 20
    Tian Man or Celestial Fullness. Also Bai Hui or 100 Meetings. Once the head connections between Du 16 and Yintang are strong (see above), ask the client to visualize adding Du 20 to the mix so that there is an energy stream connecting Du 16, Yintang, and Du 20. These are the 3 major head centers.
  14. UB 40 - right side first
    Wei Zhong or Bend Middle. Insert these points and have the client visualize a fire triangle between them and Du 4. This is an access pathway to the 2nd chakra and to Kidney Qi.
  15. UB 40 - left side.
  16. UB 57 - right side first
    Cheng Shan or Support the Mountain. Insert these points and have the client visualize a fire triangle connecting UB 57 with the coccyx (no needle here). This strengthens The Qi of the Root Chakra. Next have them visualize UB 57's connecting with Du 16.
  17. UB 57 - left side.
  18. HT 7 - right side first.
    Shenmen or Spirit Gate. Insert HT 7 points and have the client visualize them connecting to Du 11. This connects all 3 major heart points and strengthens the Heart Chakra Qi.
  19. HT 7 - left side.

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