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Self Portrait Who I am
I'm Cat Calhoun. I am a licensed acupuncturist, Reiki master, and adjunct professor at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in Austin Texas. I have a bachelor's degree in History and English and a work background (in chronological order) as an ER tech, a teacher, a typesetter, and a techno-geek running networks and teaching lawyers how to use their computers/software.

How I got interested in acupuncture
I spent a lot of my life just floating around, bumping into one career after another without actually picking anything deliberately, which you can kinda tell from that smorgasborg of a work history above. The computer geeky stuff was fun until I was forced to support my users remotely (sitting at a desk in an office with no windows constantly peering at a computer screen) instead of responding to them face-to-face. Some people like it, but remote support with no people interaction is boring and definitely not for me. I began to wonder what I would really be doing if I could go back and make deliberate choices about what I wanted to do. I finally came to the conclusion that it's never to late, so I started searching for my future career.

I knew I wanted to get back into some sort of health field, but didn't know what. I knew I didn't want to be a slave to the pharmaceutical industry and that I wanted to treat people, not diseases. It was my Dad who first suggested I study acupuncture. Dad had long term cluster migraines that were only successfully treated with acupuncture. I did a lot of reading about chiropractic, physical therapy, naturopathy, and acupuncture. I visited schools, talked to a lot of practitioners and came to the conclusion that Dad was right! I am grateful to him and to my wonderful acupuncturists for encouraging me to explore it!

I gotta tell you that making this leap wasn't an easy decision. I left a lucrative career with great benefits in my mid-40's to enter a whole new field. It's been terrifying but thrilling - kinda like a bad-ass rollercoaster! I was delighted to learn about Zhang Zhongjing in my Foundations 1 class. He's the Chinese medical sage who began his medical career in his 50's and rocked the Chinese medical world. So if you think it's too late to start this it's not! He's officially my hero.

I love what I do!
I have this insane notion that everyone should have a chance to love what they do for a living. And I do! I get great joy out of treating patients and educating them about their health. I also love students. I understand what it's like to be a student: studying so long your brain turns to soup, living on a student income, and at the same time trying to keep your physical health, your family life, and your sanity intact.

That's why I offer low rates for both students and their immediate families ($35 per visit with a $5 discount if you pay in cash). I help you out and you help me out at the same time. Call me at 512-619-5549 or book online if you would like an appointment for either treatment or tutoring.

Why I started this website
I type way faster than I write, so early in my school career I started typing all of my class notes. One day a fellow classmates, TK Largey, asked me to take notes for her because she couldn't attend the next class. I took the notes throwing in jokes and silly comments for her entertainment, e-mailed them to her and she shared them with a few people. Soon I was getting lots of requests for my notes, sometimes more than Yahoo mail would even let me send. I quickly decided, as any former computer geek worth her salt would, that it would make more sense to post my notes on a web page than it would to send batches of e-mails to people, deal with bounced mail, etc. And so the first rather ugly iteration of CatsTCMNotes was born. After several re-designs, here we are.

Free? Seriously?
Yup. Free. I will keep this site free for you for as long as I possibly can. That's why I ask for donations and take Paypal (see "Make a Contribution" box to the right). Your donations help pay for 1) website domain name fees, 2) yearly web hosting fees, and 3) the hours I spend writing content, creating pages, and answering questions that takes up the hours that would otherwise be spent working for The Man (link provided for those of you who weren't alive during the Nixon administration) for a paycheck.

How to contact me
I'm glad you're here at CatsTCMNotes and hope you find what you're looking for. If you don't, please feel free to send me an e-mail and ask. I'm happy to help if I can.

E-mail: cat@catstcmnotes
Professional website: Calhoun Acupuncture
Phone: 512/619-5549

  --Cat Calhoun